1960 - 1962 Corvette: Chevrolet Central Office Letter: Aluminum Radiator Factory Replacement Policy

Subject: Aluminum Radiator Factory Replacement Policy
Model and Year: 1960 - 1962 Corvettes
Source: Chevrolet Central Office Letter 
Origin NO: SER-0-7
C.O. NO: 62-82
Date: January 26, 1962

The following information supercedes all previously issued instructions regarding the replacement of Corvette aluminum radiator cores, and will be in effect until further notice from Central Office-Service Operations Department.

1960 and 1961 aluminum cores that fail will continue to be returned to Harrison Radiator Division, regardless of length of service or accrued mileage.  Field repairs are not to be attempted on these cores.

1960 and 1961 aluminum cores will carry parts and/or labor credit code "8" within the warranty period and "48" when replaced beyond the warranty period.

Each CO 622A shipper covering aluminum radiators will bear the following notation - "Code ’8’ or ’48’ material (whichever applies) returned to source for credit."

1962 cores that fail within the warranty period of 12 months or 12,000 miles are to be returned to Harrison Radiator Division, without repairs being attempted in the field.

Those 1962 cores which fail beyond the warranty period are to be repaired in the field and returned to service.

1962 aluminum cores will be coded "8" within the warranty period and "4" for adjustments made beyond the warranty period. Only code "8" aluminum cores will be returned to source and the shipper will be so noted as shown above.

Aluminum radiator cores are to be returned in accordance with standard procedures, cheapest way, transportation charges "collect" to:

Mr. W.S. Seward
Return Products Department, Plant 2
Harrison Radiator Division
General Motors Corporation
Lockport, New York

Additional information to be included with each radiator returned to Harrison Radiator will be the serial number, delivery date, mileage, area location, type of operation (street use and/or competition) brand and type of anti-freeze used, if any.  This information is to be listed on the original CO 622A so that it appears on all copies of the form.

Very truly yours,

Service Operations Department


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