1964 Corvette: Service News: Steering Ratios

Model Year: 1964
Subject: 1964 Corvette Steering Ratios
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Number: Volume 35, Number 10, Page 1.
Date: November, 1963

On 1964 Corvettes, two tie rod attaching holes are again provided in each steering arm to permit the over-all steering ratio to be changed if the owner desires "fast" steering on vehicles not equipped with the power steering option. Although both holes are provided in each steering arm of Corvettes equipped with power steering, these vehicles can utilize only the "fast" steer position.

The manual steering standard (or "street") overall ratio of 20.2:1 is provided when each tie rod end is attached to the rear hole in its steering arm. A "fast" steering ratio of 17.6:1 is obtained when the tie rod ball studs are attached in the forward hole of each steering arm.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to use 20.2:1 ratio steering when the vehicle is equipped with power steering--under the above conditions, interference would occur when the tie rods were moved to the rear hole in the steering arms.

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