1970+ Corvette: Service Bulletin: Positraction Chatter

Subject: Positraction Chatter
Model and Year: NA
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin Number: 78-T-5, Section IV
Date: Jan., 1978


In some cases after extended expressway driving in warm ambients, a slip stick condition (chatter) occurs in the clutch plates of positraction axles during tight turns.  Rubbing or moaning noises may accompany the chatter noise.  Chattering conditions may be corrected by flushing the rear axle per the following procedure.  If chatter recurs at a later mileage, add additive only.

  1. Drain all original lubricant (must be hot) from differential housing, clean off magnet.
  2. Refill with rear axle lube (GMPD P/N 1052271, 24-ounce container or P/N 1052272, 15-gallons).
  3. Raise both rear wheels off floor.
  4. With car properly supported, operate vehicle in drive range (or high gear) for three to four minutes.  Do not exceed 30 MPH on speedometer or accelerate or decelerate rapidly.
  5. Drain all lubricant from axle.
  6. Refill with lubricant per Step #2 or equivalent, plus 4-ounces of rear axle lubricant additive (GMPD P/N 1050428).
  7. Drive car in a figure-eight manner, making at least ten (10) complete loops, to thoroughly work new lubricant into the clutch pack.

NOTE:  If it is not possible to perform Step #7, owner should be advised that it will require a minimum of 25 miles of normal driving to thoroughly work new lubricant into the clutch pack.

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