1969 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Headlamp Opening Interference

Model Year: 1969
Subject: Headlamp Opening Interference
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Number: 69-T-31, Section I
Date: May 6, 1969


A condition could occur on 1969 Corvettes which would restrict the opening of the headlamp doors. This is caused by wind pressure distorting the plastic headlamp shield enough to allow interference between the shield and the lower lip of the headlamp bezel at highway speeds.

The driver is aware of this problem when the red indicator warning lamp does not go out informing him of a headlamp problem. Reduction of speed and switching headlamps of and back on again will allow full opening of the headlamp doors.

This problem may be corrected in the field by replacing the present headlamp shields with a new shield which has revised trim lines to clear the headlamp bezels.

Service Procedure - Headlamp Shield Replacement

  1. Open headlamp doors with manual override switch

  2. Remove three (3) screws retaining each shield to the bumper reinforcement

  3. Transfer J-nuts to new shield and reinstall

Part No: 3966559
Description: Shield-Left

Part No: 3966560
Description: Shield-Right

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