1984 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Revised Engine Removal Procedures

Model Year: 1984
Subject: Revised Engine Removal Procedures
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Number: 3, Volume 56
Date: May/June 1984

Revised Engine Removal Procedures -- 1984 Corvette Models Equipped With 5.7L V-8 Engine.

The Engine Assembly Removal and Installation procedures called out in Section 6A1, Page 6A1-25 of the 1984 Corvette Shop manual (ST-364-84) have been revised as shown below. Please make a note of this in your copy of the Shop Manual.


  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
  2. Drain cooling system.
  3. Remove air cleaner.
  4. Remove serpentine belt.
  5. Remove braces at the back of A/C compressor.
  6. Disconnect wires at A/C compressor.
  7. Disconnect fuel feed and return lines at TBI units.
  8. Remove A/C compressor mounting bracket nuts and bolts.
  9. Disconnect heater hoses at the block.
  10. Disconnect fuel line clip at fuel pump cover plate.
  11. Disconnect upper radiator hose at thermostat outlet.
  12. Remove A/C compressor to mounting bracket bolt and move compressor aside.
  13. Remove mounting bracket.
  14. Disconnect CFI harness at engine.
  15. Disconnect cruise, detent and accelerator cables.
  16. Remove distributor shield.
  17. Remove distributor cap.
  18. Remove 4 wire connector at distributor.
  19. Disconnect detent cable bracket at intake.
  20. Remove distributor.
  21. Disconnect wires at oil pressure sending unit.
  22. Remove oil pressure sending unit.
  23. Disconnect necessary vacuum hoses.
  24. Disconnect power steering hoses at rack and pinion.
  25. Remove crankshaft pulley.
  26. Disconnect bulkhead connector and necessary harness connectors.
  27. Disconnect AIR hoses at converter check valve.
  28. Move fuel lines aside.
  29. Disconnect radiator hose at water pump.
  30. Disconnect upper radiator hose at power steering reservoir bracket.
  31. Raise vehicle.
  32. Disconnect AIR pipe at exhaust manifold.
  33. Remove AIR pipe at converter.
  34. Disconnect "Y" pipe hanger.
  35. Disconnect heat shields at "Y" pipe and converter.
  36. Disconnect oxygen sensor wire.
  37. Remove exhaust bolts at manifold.
  38. Remove "Y" pipe at converter bolts.
  39. Remove "Y" pipe.
  40. Remove flywheel cover.
  41. Remove torque converter bolts.
  42. Loosen motor mount through bolts.
  43. Remove motor mount to engine block bolts.
  44. Remove bell housing bolts.
  45. Disconnect knock sensor wire.
  46. Disconnect ground cable at block.
  47. Disconnect positive battery cable at battery and harness.
  48. Remove right rear intake manifold bolt and install lift hook.
  49. Support transmission with jack.
  50. Install lifting device and lift engine enough to remove CFI ground at rear of left cylinder head.
  51. Remove engine from vehicle.

For installation, reverse Removal procedures.

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