1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Distributor Breaker Point Burning

Bulletin Number:   DR #577

Date:  February 27, 1963

Section:  VIy

Subject:   Distributor Breaker Point Burning 

   1963 Corvette and 409" Engines

To eliminate distributor point burning during cold-weather operation, a new higher value ignition primary resistor entered production on February 4, 1963, for all 250 H.P. or 300 H.P. Corvettes and 340 H.P. 409" Passenger Cars.

If premature cold-weather point burning is encountered on the above models, built prior to the production change, install resistor No. 1957154 (1.8 ohms) in place of variable resistor No. 1931385 (approx. 0.3 ohms resistance when cold).

Resistor No. 1957154 may also be used on 340 H.P. or 360 H.P. Corvettes, 400 H.P. or 425 H.P. 409’s, and the Corvair Spyder for temporary winter operation; however, it should be pointed out to the owner that resistor No. 1931385 will provide the best possible high-speed ignition performance.



1957154:  Ignition Primary Resistor - 1.8 ohms (Service part identified by blue stripe)

1931385:  Ignition Primary Resistor - 0.3 ohms (Service part identified by black dot)

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