1967 Corvette: Service News: Corvette Manual Transmission Removal

Subject:  Corvette Manual Transmission Removal
Model and Year:  1967 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Number:  Volume 39, Issue Number 9
Date:  August 1967, Page 4

The procedure covering the removal of the Corvette Manual Transmission appearing on page 7-9 of the 1967 (Passenger Car) Chassis Service Manual should be revised as shown below:

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.  Raise vehicle.
  2. Completely remove right and left exhaust pipes from vehicle.  In order to remove the exhaust pipes on vehicles equipped with 396 or 427 cu. in. engines, it is necessary to remove the forward stud on each manifold.
  3. Disconnect propshaft at transmission slip yoke.  Move propshaft to one side.  Remove slip yoke from transmission.
  4. Remove two (2) bolts attaching rear mount to rear mount bracket.  Raise engine lifting transmission off mount bracket.
  5. Remove three (3) transmission mount bracket to crossmember bolts and remove mount bracket.  Remove two (2) bolts retaining rear mount cushion and exhaust pipe yoke.
  6. Remove the two (2) accessible bolts retaining transmission linkage mechanism mounting bracket to frame.  The remaining bolts securing this bracket will be removed in later steps.
  7. Disconnect shifter levers at transmission.  Disconnect speedometer cable.
  8. From inside vehicle, remove gear shift boot retaining bezel.  On 4-speed models, remove shifter ball and "T" handle.
  9. Remove console screws.  Remove console.
  10. Remove two (2) bolts attaching gearshift assembly to mounting bracket.  Remove shifter mechanism with rods attached through console opening.  Remove mounting bracket.
  11. From under the car, remove transmission-to-clutch housing retaining bolts.
  12. Remove lower extenstion-to-transmission bolt.  Pull transmission rearward until it is clear of clutch housing.  Do not rest transmission on input shaft or clutch gear retainer.  To allow room for transmission removal slowly lower the rear of engine until the tachometer drive cable at the distributor just clears the horizontal ledge across the front of dash.  CAUTION:  The tachometer cable can be easily damaged by heavy contact with the dash.  Slide transmission rearward out of the clutch, then tip front end of transmission downward and lower the assembly from vehicle.
  13. Reinstall transmission assembly by performing above steps in reverse order.

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