1997 - 2001 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Park/Neutral Position Switch Connector Cannot Be Removed

Number: 01-07-30-021
Subject: Park/Neutral Position Switch Connector Cannot Be Removed (Replace Switch and Connectors)
Model Year:

1997-2001 Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette
1997-2001 Pontiac Firebird
1995-2001 Chevrolet and GMC S/T Models
1996-2001 Chevrolet and GMC C/K, M/L, G and P Models
1996-2001 Oldsmobile Bravada

with 4L60E (M30), 4L65E (M32), 4L80E (MT1) or Allison LCT (M74) Automatic Transmission

This bulletin is being revised to change a labor operation number, add models, model years and transmission designations. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 83-71-10A (Section 7 -- Transmission).


Technicians may experience difficulty in removing the connectors from the Park/Neutral Position Switch, usually when trying to remove the switch during transmission service. In rare cases, customers may also report switch related electrical conditions, such as improper or no shift indication, or no back-up light operation.


High ambient heat may cause the sealing compound in the switch to melt and flow into the connectors, sealing the connectors to the switch. This normally causes no customer concerns, but may cause an open circuit in rare cases.


In many cases, the switch can be removed and reinstalled without removing the connectors. If the switch is being removed as part of transmission service, and there are no switch related conditions, the switch can simply be reinstalled.

Some applications have a mounting bolt behind the connectors. The switch will have to be removed and will probably be damaged in the process.

The connector pigtails use wires which are all the same color. Use the old connector as a pattern to ensure that the new wires are connected to the harness correctly.


This switch is in a wet area. It is very important to solder the wires and use heat-shrink tubing to ensure water-tight connections.

Parts Information

Part Number



Switch, NSBU


4-Way Connector Assembly


7-Way Connector Assembly

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