1961 Corvette: Service Bulletin: 1961 Convertible Top Adjustments

Subject:  1961 Convertible Top Adjustments
Model and Year:  1961 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service Bulletin
Number:  22-57-61
Date:  May 12, 1961
Zone:  22 Louisville, Kentucky


In the interest of more accurate product information, and also, considering the many conditions that can exist insofar as convertible tops and their mechanisms which would not involve defective parts, dealers are not to replace any adjustment to trim or operating mechanism which would involve in excess of $3.00 net, until Chevrolet Motor Division wholesale personnel has inspected the unit.

Please contact either your District Manager or the Zone Office, should any situation arise insofar as the above adjustments are concerned.

Very truly yours,
J.T. Hagy
Zone Service Manager

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