2004 - 2005 Corvette: GM TechLink: Fuel Line Quick Connectors

From GM TechLink, February 2004:

Two new style fuel line quick connects are in use.

The TI Group Global Quick Connector is used on C/K trucks, S/T trucks, Malibu Sedan, Cadillac XLR and the 2004.5 and 2005 Chevrolet Corvette.

The Legris QC is used on Aztek, Rendezvous, Venture, Montana and Silhouette.

Both Types -- To release the quick connect, push on the retainer using hand pressure only. Do not attempt to remove it.

A - TI type
B - Legris type

Do not use sharp or pointed objects to put pressure on the connector retainer. Using a tool may fracture the retainer, making it less effective at keeping the connector assembled. Also, attempts to remove the retainer with the line inserted will result in retainer breakage.

TIP: If the connector does not release with hand pressure, thoroughly clean it and blow out grit and dirt with compressed air.

TI Group Global --
If the retainer is broken, it is not necessary to replace the entire fuel line and attached component to repair it. Three sizes of replacement retainers are available.


5/16 po
3/8 po
5/8 p0

Legris -- Replacement parts are not available for the retainer.

- Thanks to Dave MacGillis

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