2005 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Driver or Passenger Seat Functions Inoperative, Blown Seat Function Fuse

Service Bulletin #: 04-08-50-018

Driver or Passenger Seat Functions Inoperative, Blown Seat Function Fuse (Repair Wire(s) and/or Relocate Connectors)

2005 Chevrolet Corvette

Some customers may comment on one or more of the following conditions:

• Power seat is inoperative
• Seat lumbar is inoperative
• Seat heater is inoperative

Upon investigation, the technician may find a seat function fuse blown.

The cause of these conditions may be due to either the seat harness connector becoming disconnected or the seat harness contacting the seat track, resulting in a rub-through to wires enclosed in the harness. Depending on the seat height position, clearance between the seat and floor is very tight. Back and forth seat movement may release the connector cam lock, allowing the connector halves to separate.

Repair the wire(s), if necessary, and/or relocate the seat harness connectors underneath the carpet using the procedure listed below. Perform this procedure on both seats in order to prevent reoccurrence of this condition.

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