Service Bulletin: Minor Paint Repair Without Repainting

Note: This service bulletin is not specific to Corvettes but can be applied to them.  It was published in April of 1967 but can be applied to several different model years.

Subject: Minor Paint Repair Without Repainting
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin Number: 67-T-26, Section I
Date: April 27, 1967


Shallow file marks, orange peel, dry spray, dulling from previous repairs, streaking, and other similar paint problems can be corrected without repainting by using the following procedure.

  1. Sand the affected area lightly with #600 grit sandpaper, using mineral spirits liberally as a lubricant. Do not necessarily attempt to secure a perfect surface in the sanding operation.

  2. Wipe dry.

  3. Hand polish with a mildly abrasive type hand polishing compound to a uniform luster. A polish wheel may be used if care is taken to avoid cut throughs.

This procedure will eliminate masking, mixing of paint, over-spray, heat or air dry time, color matching and, most important, no dulling or return for subsequent polishing will result.

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