1968 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: Upper Radiator Hose Alignment

Subject:  Upper Radiator Hose Alignment
Model and Year: 1968 Corvette Base or L-79 327 cu. in. Engine
Date:  December 1967 - January 1968


E.S.L. - Continued

UPPER RADIATOR HOSE ALIGNMENT - 1968 Corvette Base or L-79 327 cu. in Engine (#768) (D.S.T.)

Individual cars and light trucks have been observed where interference has existed between the upper radiator hose and the Delcotron drive belt.  When the vehicle is cold and no water is in the hose, the condition does not usually exist, but under operating conditions, the hose can sometimes sag and rub against the drive belt.

Corvettes and Trucks in the field should be checked during normal servicing to see that at least 1" of clearance exists where the hose crosses over the Delcotron belt.  If interference is evident or is likely to occur, the upper hose should be repositioned.

Problem is of weatherstrip not fitting tight to the body panel causing gaps at right and left side, permitting water and air entry.

Correction being worked out.  Involves replacing seal with a newly designed seal which is not yet available.

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