1968 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Driveline Clicking or Snapping Noise

Subject:  Driveline Clicking or Snapping Noise
Model Year:  1968 Passenger Cars and 10 Series Trucks
Date:  September 3, 1968
Bulletin Number: 68-T-61, Section IV


Driveline click or snapping type sounds have been encountered on 1968 Passenger Cars and 10 Series Trucks when the direction of torque input to the axle is changed, such as driving forward after reverse operation.  This noise is primarily noted on Chevrolet equipped with the 10 bolt ring gear and Hydra-Matic Transmission.  It originates in the rear axle as a result of pinion bearing spacer movement, which is not detrimental to axle operation or durability, when the direction of driving torque is changed.

A new spacer with a phosphate coating was installed in production axles to correct the noise condition starting with the following build dates:



 Build Date

 Axle Number

 Detroit Gear & Axle 4/15/68 0415G
 Warren - Series 10
              - Passenger
 Buffalo 6/12/68 0612B

On a complaint basis, the noise may be corrected by installing the pinion bearing spacer with the phosphate coating as listed on Page 2 of this bulletin.  These spacers can be identified by the dark grey finish as compared to the uncoated steel of the prior spacer.

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