1962 Corvette: Technical Information: Carter AFB Carburetor Revisions

Subject:  Revised (AFB 3269S) Carburetors
Model and Year: 1962 Corvettes with RPOs 396 and 583
Source: Service and Mechanical Department, Product Engineering Technical Information, 1962 Product Data Book
Page: 3
Section: VI
Group: 2
Date: May 11, 1962

Several design revisions have been incorporated in the Carter (AFB 3269S) Carburetor, Part No. 3797699, used in high-performance 327 cu. in. engines for 1962 Corvette Models (RPO 396 and 583) and 1962 Passenger Cars (RPO 397).  Revised carburetors may be identified by a change letter stamped on the throttle body flange preceding the date stamp.  Successive revisions incorporate all previous changes.  For example "C" revision includes "A" and "B" etc.

To reduce the tendency to stall on brake stops and/or closed throttle turns, the primary clusters and metering rods were changed effective 10-4-61.  This revision was identified with the letter "A".  To correct for repeat stalling on vehicles built prior to this change, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove both primary clusters and install two new primary, Part No. 3821717 (choke side) and 3821718 (pump side).
  2. Replace both metering rods with new rods, Part No. 3824742.

Up thru revision "A", Carburetor Assembly #3797699 was used on Automatic transmission equipped units as well as manual transmission equipped units.  On 11-3-62, common usage was discountinued and Carburetor Assembly, Part No. 3819207 was effective in Production on vehicles equipped with Powerglide transmissions.  This was the same basic carburetor with revision "A" included.

Simultaneous and to correct for an over-rich condition and hard starting on 3 or 4-speed transmission equipped vehicles, the choke setting was changed from index to one notch lean and choke valve opening at full choke increased from .078" to .092".  This revision on Carburetor #3797699 was identified with the letter "B".  If this hard starting condition is experienced on earlier units, re-adjust choke to these later specifications.

Then effective 2-15-62, Carburetor #3797699 for 3 or 4-sp. transmission equipped vehicles, was revised to enrich the air fuel mixture at wide open throttle.  This revision, identified by letter "C", included new metering rods and secondary jets and was incorporated to prevent possible engine failures due to detonation or preignition.

On units repeatedly engaged in competitive operations, the late design metering rods and jets should be installed.

  1. Remove both metering rods (.069" / .063" dia.) and install two new metering rods (.069" / .056" dia.) Part no. 3824742.
  2. Replace both secondary jets (.0635" I.D.) with new secondary jets (.070 I.D. Part No. 1465397.

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