2021 Corvette: Service Bulletin: #20-NA-237: Radio Software Version V152 Update - (Dec 23, 2020)

#20-NA-237: Radio Software Version V152 Update - (Dec 23, 2020)

Subject Radio Software Version V152 Update



Model Year:









Encore GX



















Silverado 1500








Sierra 1500


Yukon XL


Involved Region or Country

North America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Israel, Palestine, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Japan, Korea, Thailand

Additional Options (RPOs)

Equipped with Infotainment System IOS, IOU or IOT


Some customers may comment on software issues. A continuous improvement software update was released with updates made in several areas. There were two updates released in Production very close to each other. At the time of initial bulletin publication, the most current software version available to service was V152. Some vehicles may have been manufactured with a software version of V152 or less, while newer vehicle builds may have V153 loaded. This TSB covers the V152 release, another bulletin will be released later for V153. As always, the current release includes all enhancements from previous software version releases. V152 contains over 100 improvements. Most notable improvements include:

  •  Audio and Media
    • Favorites jumps back to page 1 when attempting to scroll to or past page 3
    • Remove unnecessary Settings button from third-party audio app
    •  Loss of audio after use of Android Auto voice recognition
    •  Apple CarPlay voice commands play on all speakers
    • Steering Wheel Control Favorites button inoperative for entire drive cycle
    • Audio Favorite selection will flash back from recently selected to previously played selection
  • Camera
    • Camera view may overlap Home screen after Automatic Park Assist (APA) is cancelled
    • The APA Exit Park button displays when vehicle is stopped despite the system requesting the button be disabled
  •  Energy App
    • Home or Away Target Charge Level (TCL) changes to minimum value when opposite TCL value is changed
    • Radio displays incorrect text when Fast Charge TCL is set at or less than 80% (Time remaining is displayed correctly)
    •  Radio may not display “stop charging at any time” or “using station power for battery conditions to preserve battery energy for range” during the Thermal Conditioning Only mode
    •  Radio displays time to complete charge value too soon, causing highly inaccurate display times
    • Location-Based Charging may not display the current location when entering the TCL or Displayed Charging Time screens while signed into a User Profile
    • Energy App crashes after using the Stop button in the Energy App
    •  Energy App will not reconnect if phone app is closed while phone is connected to the vehicle unless phone is disconnected and reconnected
    • Text overlaps on the main screen for status, start and completion times after performing some actions in the Charging Options
    • Utility rate charging schedules or season dates are not populated or app crashes
    •  Delayed Charging text issues with “Charging will begin at:”
    •  Incorrectly displays “Default Charge Mode Enabled” at wake up
    • Energy App slow performance or no response to up/down arrows after wake-up
  •  HMI
    • Buick emblem is not round
    •  “Feature unavailable while driving” message displayed for some restricted actions although passenger is present
    • TTY button may not switch out of hearing mode if multiple users exist with different TTY modes
    • Average Fuel Economy in Trailering app does not match IPC
  • IPC Interface
    • Some RDS text appears out of position
    • Visual updates to remote HMI for OnStar, navigation, audio, phone, and voice recognition interface
    •  DIC text could be cutoff at top or bottom of display
  •  Phone
    • Robotic voice for phone calls
    • Phone number and call time off center when making a call to non-contact number
  • Sirius XM
    • Blank Sirius XM Favorite
    • Displays “loading” until channel up
    • Displays “This favorite is not available” when vehicle is started on SXM channel that is not a Favorite
    • No Favorite or an incorrect Favorite is highlighted
    • Unable to save an SXM Favorite with long press
    • In accessory power mode, a loss of SXM audio until another SXM station is selected
    • Metadata missing or greyed out while using OnStar Turn by Turn in audio view
    • SXM crashes but the rest of the Audio app works
    • Channel playing and channel displayed do not match
    • Tune does not function as expected when using steering wheel controls or hard buttons
    • Displays “something went wrong” after a remote start on SXM
  • System
    • System does not retain power mode selection over ignition cycles
    • Screen stuck on brand splash animation for entire ignition cycle
    •  Display screen goes black instead of displaying account is locked after 5 incorrect password entries
  • Navigation
    • HUD may not show a street name if the name field is only one line unless it is an exit number
    • Unable to start or view active route guidance using steering wheel controls
    • Vehicle position indicator is incorrect when switching from nav app (full map) to porch view
    • Overspeed Camera Zone Alert icon remains active after passing the camera zone
    •  Navigation keyboard disappears after ending a call
    • DIC Navigation page may truncate Recent or Favorite destination
    • In addition to current lane, sharp curve alert of the opposite lane is also shown
    •  First road name on a route is not displayed in the HUD
    • Predictive navigation may show incorrect traffic status
    • Time-restricted maneuvers may not be included in route guidance calculation
    • (Non-GMNA) Toll cost displayed is incorrect
    • (Non-GMNA) POI names not recognized for non-state-based countries
    • (Non-GMNA) No EV charging stations displayed in the hot categories in Korea
    • (Non-GMNA) DIC navigation page does not display street names in Korean
  •  Translation (Non-GMNA)
    • When using voice recognition “my media” was not translated to other languages
    • Correct Chinese translation of high sensitivity in Air Quality Sensor settings
    • Changing from Chinese to English, the OnStar icon, Apps notifications block, and SD Card Eject remains in Chinese
    • Auto Heated/Cooled Seats during Remote Start, Lane Change Alert, Remote Sunroof Operation, and Rain Sense Wipers pages, the introduction is inconsistent with setting title in Chinese
    • Missing period in Chinese for Advanced Lighting description
    • Action Unavailable displays in English instead of Chinese when attempting to change a song while in a phone call
    • Change Korean translation of Teen Driver to My Driving Coach
    • Utility Season Date display missing Korean translation for Energy App
    • Missing period and line break in Korean on date of check in Settings > Updates
    • CarPlay Privacy Consent incorrect Korean translation
    • Incorrect spelling of Disabled in Portuguese
    • Poor grammar of the Portuguese translation of taking your eyes off the road warning message
    • If a customer declines Terms and Conditions in Spanish when attempting to connect a WiFi device, the phrase that appears next is incomplete
  • Voice Recognition
    • Unable to tune to FM station
  • Wireless Projection
    • Robotic voice after muting and unmuting calls
    • Radio display freezes while playing Spotify
    • Apple CarPlay not available or loses connection
    • CarPlay audio is unintelligible during phone call


The cause of the condition may be software anomalies.


A new radio software update, version V152, was released to service for vehicles equipped with Infotainment system RPO IOS, IOU or IOT, in addition to providing general robustness and stability enhancements. This update includes all enhancements from previous software version releases.


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