2014 - 2018 Corvette: Chevrolet Performance - New Corvette - Carbon Fiber Quarter Panel Vents Now Available

Chevrolet Performance - New Corvette - Carbon Fiber Quarter Panel Vents Now Available

Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac U.S. Dealers:

Chevrolet Performance announces the launch of "Corvette Carbon Fiber Quarter Panel Vents for Z06 and Z51" to the Chevrolet Performance Parts program.

Availability: Product is available immediately.

IMPORTANT : The Carbon Fiber rear quarter panel vents are now validated and approved to be used on the Corvette Z06 and Z51.

Warranty Information: Product does not take the vehicle out of factory warranty when installed.

Additional Part Warranty Information:

General Information:

"For nearly half a century, Chevrolet Performance has been the resource for enthusiasts. Chevy has a decades-long winning track record that today extends to virtually every form of motorsports. And while that legacy looks great in a trophy case, it also influences the vehicles we design, the engines we build and the performance parts you install."

Corvette - Product Information:

Carbon Fiber Quarter Panel Vents*:
Part Number: 84347359
MSRP: $1,495.00

What's in the box:

  1. Left and Right carbon fiber quarter vents
  2. associated fasteners
  3. I-sheet
  4. performance parts logo

* These carbon fiber quarter vents are a direct replacement for Z06 and Z51 models. Offer larger openings for increased air flow to the transmission oil cooler and differential cooler, an approximately 25% improvement over the airflow of the Z51 at track speeds (based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis).

IMPORTANT: For sale in U.S. and Canada.

Visit Chevrolet.com/Performance for additional product information, as well as all your performance needs.

Install instructions attached below:

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