1958 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Oil Filler Cap and Crankcase Breather

Subject: Oil Filler Cap and Crankcase Breather
Model and Year: 1958 Corvette Engines and 1958 Passenger Cars with Fuel Injection
Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin - Wichita, Kansas Zone 41
Bulletin Number:  41
Date:   April 25, 1958

The correct Oil Filler Cap and Crankcase Breather usage for 1958 Corvette engines is as follows -

Fuel Injection and Dual Four Barrel Carburetor engines with SR (High Performance) camshafts, use #1552719 Oil Filler Cap.  This cap has no breather, which prevents oil pullover through the crankcase ventilator at high speeds.

All Corvette engines not equipped with SR camshafts and 1958 Passenger cars equipped with Fuel Injection use #1552940 Oil Filler Cap and Breather.  This cap incorporates vent holes and a gauge cleaner element.

#1552940 is an unpublished number, part obtainable on special order only.  This cap is similar to the regular production cap, except it is cadmium plated.

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B.H. Berryhill
Zone Service Manager

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