1955 - 1957 Corvette: Service News: Setting V-8 Timing at 1,000 Engine RPM Discontinued

Below are revised tune-up procedures for the 1955 - 1957 Corvette equipped with eight cylinder engines.  Although the information in this article is incorrect, we will leave it available for historical purposes.

NOTE:  The following response is from Corvette Action Center Member JohnZ:

This article is WRONG, and contains instructions to set timing with the vacuum advance CONNECTED. A later supplement corrects the error and makes it clear that ‘55-‘57 V-8 timing is to be set with the vacuum advance DISCONNECTED.


1955 - 1957 Corvette Ignition Timing - V8 Engine

1955 - 1957 Corvette Ignition Timing - V8 Engine

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Created: May 9, 2015
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