1968 Corvette: Features Sheet: Chevrolet L88 Engine Assembly Features

The following information lists the features of the over-the-counter, L88 Engine assembly that could be purchased in 1968:


PART NO. 3919831 (427 CID)


Aluminum High Riser (Plenum Chamber Design) Intake Manifold

Aluminum Cylinder Heads with large exhaust valves, increased to 1.840" as compared to 1.720 of other 427 CID Engines.

12.5 to 1 compression ratio pistons made of impact-extruded aluminum with increased dome height also reinforcing ribs which extend the full length of both pin bosses to the head, to strengthen boss and head structures.

Crankshaft - cross drilled with oil holes through both, rod journals and main bearing journals, chamfered.

Four Bolt Mains

8 Quart Oil Pan with Heavy Duty Oil Pump

Heavy Duty Fuel Pump

Shot-peened and magnafluxed connecting rods (full floating)

Special Camshaft (Inlet .5586" lift 352° duration - exhaust .5800" lift 364° duration)

 Heavy Duty push rods and guides

Heavy Duty inner and outer valve springs with dampers

Heavy Duty grooved rocker arm balls and rocker arms

Lightweight valve spring caps

Transistor - full centrifugal advance distributor

Special Heavy Duty clutch with lightweight  flywheel

Bell housing, water pump, etc.

DEALER PRICE:  $1,026.00


(Order on regular PC - 66 and mail to the attention of W. P. Appling St. Louis Zone Office)

NOTE:  For Further Information concerning this Engine or Other Chevrolet Heavy Duty Parts, Please Contact Bob Harrison, at the St. Louis Zone Office.

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