2006 - 2009 Corvette Z06 and ZR1: GM TechLink: Excess Oil in Air Intake Snorkel

Some owners of a 2006-09 Corvette with a 7.0L engine (RPO LS7), a 2008-09 Corvette with 6.2L engine (RPO LS3) or a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette with 6.2L supercharged engine (RPO LS9) may complain of a SES light. Upon inspection, oil in the air cleaner, a loose hydrocarbon patch in the air intake snorkel, and/or DTCs P0101, P0172, P0175, P1516, and/or P2176 may be found.

This may be the result of an improper oil level or PCV restriction, which can cause excess oil to be forced into the engine air intake snorkel. If this occurs, the oil can contaminate the adhesive that attaches the hydrocarbon absorber to the air intake snorkel, causing the absorber to become mis-positioned, which can alter incoming air flow.

If this concern is encountered, complete the following steps and re-evaluate the concern:

1. Follow the owner’s manual for proper engine oil filling procedures. For 7.0L LS7 models, also review the latest version of 05-06-01-032.

2. Perform the Crankcase Ventilation System Inspection/Diagnosis in SI to ensure that the PCV system is operating properly with no restrictions.

3. If equipped with an oil tank, ensure that the semi-fresh and fresh PCV tubes are installed correctly. The fresh PCV tube is attached to the front port of the oil tank, and the semi-fresh tube is attached to the rear port of the oil tank.

4. Clean excessive oil from the air intake system and inspect the hydrocarbon absorber in the air intake snorkel. Replace the air intake snorkel if the hydrocarbon absorber is mis-positioned or loose.

- Thanks to Jamie Parkhurst
October 2008 - GM TechLink

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