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2007 - 2008 Corvette: GM TechLink Article: Intake Airflow Disturbance

The owner of a 2007-08 Chevrolet Corvette may encounter the SES light with DTCs P0171 or P0174 found. If airflow to the Air Intake/Air Cleaner Assembly is disturbed, DTCs P0171 or P0174 may be induced.

DTCs P0171 or P0174 may be caused by an aftermarket air filter or induction systems,
as well as a gap between a body close-out panel combined with some frame plate holes
(fig. 18) . These may cause an airflow disturbance to the Air Intake/Air Cleaner Assembly.

figure 18

A  Close-out panel

B  Gap

TIP: This can also cause a slight engine surge that may not set a code.

Repair the gap in the panel by installing new retaining clips.

Cover the frame plate holes (fig. 19) with a good adhesive type patch (sound deadener patch) or equivalent. Clean the frame plate as necessary and install the patch so the holes are covered. No air can flow through these holes.

figure 19

TIP: Contact Kent Automotive at 1.888.YES.KENT or to obtain sound deadener patches (Kent part number: P20617).

Evaluate the lean condition after the close-out panel gap has been repaired and frame plate holes have been covered.

TIP: Any aftermarket or non GM-approved modifications to the Air Intake/Air Cleaner Assembly must be removed before attempting repairs for the lean condition.

- Thanks to Don Langer
July 2008 - GM TechLink

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