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2004 - 2008 Corvette: Service Campaign: Unwanted Repeat Calls to OnStar

10037B - Unwanted Repeat Calls to OnStar

Service Campaign Bulletin

Reference Number(s): 10037B

Date of Issue: May 13, 2011

Affected Model(s): 2004-2008 Chevrolet Corvette


Certain 2002-2009 model-year vehicles equipped with OnStar may have a condition in which the vehicle’s OnStar system repeatedly makes incomplete calls to OnStar without the vehicle’s occupant’s input or knowledge. Customer initiated Blue Button call, Emergency calls, and Automatic Crash Notification calls will also fail to establish a data connection with the OnStar Call Center. Eventually, the customer’s call will connect as a voice-only line and the customer will be able to talk with an OnStar advisor; however, the advisor will not get crucial customer data such as vehicle identification and location.


Dealers are to replace the OnStar module (VCIM).

Vehicles Involved

Involved are certain 2002-2009 model year vehicles equipped with OnStar, and built within these VIN breakpoints:

Year: 2005 2007 2008

Division: Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet

Model: Corvette Corvette Corvette

From: 55102684 75109811 75136663

Through: 55122295 85102704 85123161

Not all vehicles within the above breakpoints may be involved.

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