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1989 - 1995 Corvette: Rebuilding Bilstein Shocks by Bilstein Corporation

Subject: Bilstein Shocks: Revalve Service by Bilstein Corporation

An alternative to replacing used Bilstein adjustable shock absorbers is to have them re-valved by Bilstein Corporation. Bilstein will rebuid/re-valve your shocks, per your instructions, for $55.00 per shock. The turnaround time for the rebuild/re-valve service is about 2 weeks. This service is performed at Bilstein in Poway, CA.

They also sell the Bilstein FX3 Controler, Slalom & Road Race chips, and front/rear actuators for selective ride Corvettes.


Krupp Bilstein of America
14102 Stowe Drive
Poway, CA 92064
Phone: 800 537 1085
Contact: Bill Hindorf
Web Site:

  1. Do you still rebuild 1995 ZR-1 front & rear shocks w selective handling? Actuator? how much? Nothing wrong right now, but would like to have a source for when time comes. Thx

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