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1967 Corvette: Service News: Air Conditioning Diagnosis

Subject: Air Conditioning Diagnosis
Model and Year: 1967 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Page Number: Page 8
Date: July 1967 - Volume 39, Issue Number 8

The "Air Conditioning Diagnosis" chart given on page 8 will help pinpoint air conditioning malfunctions.  It is applicable to all Chevrolet passenger car and truck air conditioning systems; Four Season, Comfortron, All Weather & Comfort-Car.  When this checking sequence is used on the Comfortron System, it will facilitate the pinpointing of the problem areas so that they can be more specifically checked with the procedures appearing on page 1A-36 of the 1967 (Passenger Car) Chassis Service Manual.

It should also be noted here that there have been other service publications during the 1967 model year concerning air conditioning diagnosis and subsequent corrections.  For ready reference a chart has been prepared giving the name, date and coverage of each publications.

1967 Corvette Air Conditioning Diagnosis Figure 1  

1967 Corvette Air Conditioning Diagnosis Figure 1

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