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1956 Corvette: Service News: Repositioning Corvette Tail Pipe Supports

Subject:    Repositioning Corvette Tail Pipe Supports
Model and Year:  1956 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   3
Date:  September, 1956 - Volume 28 - Number 9

Cases have been reported of 1956 Corvette tail pipe U-bolts striking the rear axle or brake pipe during severe bounce conditions due to improper installation of the tail pipe supports.

Corvettes in for service can be checked for this condition by place a ruler against the rear edge of the axle housing.  In all cases, the tail pipe U-bolts should be even with or rearward of this  side of the axle, otherwise reposition the supports by loosening the U-bolts and bolt securing the support to bracket, then slide U-bolts as far rearward as possible.  Retighten U-bolts and bracket bolt.

if it was necessary to make this correction on a Corvette already in use, be especially careful to check the brake pipe for bends or cracks and repair as required.

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