Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks Donates $6.3 Million Worth of Corvettes to Pierce Arrow Museum

The 1964 Corvette donated to the Pierce-Arrow Buffalo Transportation Museum. (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)

According to the Buffalo News, Mike Yager, and the Yager Family of Mid America Motorworks, an aftermarket Corvette supply company, has donated four rare Corvettes, totaling $6.3 million to the Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum in Buffalo, New York.

The four rare Corvettes include:

  • 1964 New York World’s Fair Mitchell Styling Corvette
  •  1964 Corvette Styling Car. The car was specifically built for Chevrolet general manager “Bunkie” Knudsen.
  •  1969 Elliot Forbes-Robinson #8. One of six factory-built L-88 lightweight Corvettes built.
  •  1962 Corvette #69 SCCA National Champion.
The 1964 Corvette that was specially built for Chevrolet’s General Manager Semon E. “Bunkie” Knudsen as his personal car was among those donated to the Pierce-Arrow. Click on the photo to see more images of the classic cars. (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)

According to James T. Sandoro, founder and executive director of the museum, it’s the largest donation they’ve ever received and currently, the museum does not have any Corvettes on display.

This past January in Orlando, Michael Yager hired Sandoro to do an appraisal.  Shortly after, Yager, asked Sandoro to come to Effingham, Illinois to appraise a car that he was considering for a donation to the National Corvette Museum.

At the time, Yager didn’t know Sandoro had a museum in New York and two days later, Yager called Sandoro and told him that he thought the Corvette should be in New York as well as three other special Corvettes with roots back to New York.

Yager told Sandoro that it was important to his family, that these Corvettes be shared with the public instead of hidden away in a private collection.  We couldn’t agree more.

Congratulations to the Pierce Arrow Museum!

Source:  The Buffalo News

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