Family Corvette found after 15-year search

Enon resident Joshua Gierke with his family’s 1978 Chevy Corvette.

By Cassidy Boyer
Contributing Writer
Springfield News-Sun

Ohio – After more than a decade of searching, Enon resident Joshua Gierke was recently reunited with his family’s beloved 1978 Chevy Corvette.

Through the use of websites like Instavin and Craigslist, and with help from other car lovers across the country, Gierke was able to locate the Corvette about 11 hours away in the small town of Elkins, Arkansas.

In 1998, Gierke said his father was forced to sell the Corvette because of financial issues. Five years later when Gierke received his driver’s license, he went on a search for the vehicle in hopes that his first car would be the one he remembered “being 4 years old and going for rides with my dad in.”

Unfortunately, the corvette ended up being nowhere near his first car, and this search became a series of unfortunate events.

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