2002 Chevrolet Corvette Connvertible




Red C5 Convertible. Almost stock, excellent condition!

More Details

Picked up this Red C5 Convertible in August 2018 from a family member that was moving and had to release some of his toys... Lucky me for being in the right place at the right time! I sold my C4 and picked this one up for a steal (real good kind of family member!) Car was in excellent condition, but wasn't driven enough. Had to knock out a few cobwebs and replace a few small items, change all fluids, fix a rear end leak, nothing major. Since I picked it up, i installed a Vararam intake and the car is showed a nice boost in power and sounds better. Definitely a well chosen upgrade. One drawback is it is Auto, so driving it took some getting used to - really miss the manual tranny. Next Vette will be manual again or if new enough, paddle shifter automatic. Too much power drop between gears now, but then again I don't race, so it's manageable.

Overall, love the car. I use it almost as a daily driver in the spring/summer/fall depending on the weather.