BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (WXYZ) – You can call Donna Zimmer of Bloomfield Village a veteran Dream Cruiser. She’s been returning to Woodward every summer since 1998. That’s the summer Zimmer turned 50, and thefr summer her husband surprised her with something she never thought she’d own – a candy apple red Corvette that was special because of its age.

“It’s a very sentimental car,” Zimmer said. “I graduated from Seaholm High School in 1966 and my dream was always to have a 1966 red Corvette.”

Zimmer’s vanity plate read, “ITSMY66.”

She prized that Corvette. She kept it indoors during the winters and took it out only during Dream Cruise time. She would cruise down Woodward every summer with her grandson, Alexander.

But on Saturday, Zimmer’s dream came to an abrupt end, when she discovered the Corvette stolen out of a Birmingham parking garage.

“I went over to get my car and bring it out to drive it, and it wasn’t in the parking structure,” Zimmer said.

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