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    Default UPPER CASE TYPING indicates SHOUTING

    It comes up every so often that someone must be reminded to release the "CAPS LOCK" key on their keyboard because "Netiquette" states that upper case typing indicates shouting, or speaking loudly, in order to drive home a point.

    Its been said too many times, but almost everyone finds reading text in all caps annoying, hence the reputation as online screaming. If you're not trying to yell in your online communications but you're typing in all caps, most people will think you are.

    NEWS FLASH! Folks argue this is not the case - that typing in all caps is no big deal, but 99% of people don't like when they get email in all caps - or in all small case.

    Study after study reflects all caps are difficult to read and hard on the eyes. Now, if in fact you are so vision-impaired, can't see the screen and need to type in caps, a quick note at the top of your email stating you are visually impaired apologizing for the use of all caps will be appreciated by those with whom you communicate.

    As the administrators of community sites, we cannot assume the obviousness of netiquette. Of course, we would never post in all caps and plug our homepage, but I ask myself: are those social norms being communicated directly anywhere? And, while I could make a page that lists every do and don't, wouldn't it be nice if the system itself was smart enough to catch the ground balls?

    Alas and alack, it's not capable of that yet.

    Then you have this viewpoint from some who think; "Netiquette. What a stupid name. The biggest netiquette rule to break is: DON'T TYPE IN CAPS. I always type in caps here. Why? Because it ****es people off, that's why. Typing in caps is considered shouting. What loser thought of this? Someone actually told me this one day in a chat room: "How would you like someone's hot, stinky, breath yelling in your face?!?!" From that day on I've used caps. What's the deal with people on the internet? These are the same people who cut in lines at Disneyland, flip you off in traffic, try to sell you stuff over the phone, yell at you at work, and talk in the movies. And you're all high and mighty because you don't use caps? BITE ME!!! Another lame thing about caps in here is that an administrator will yell at you for typing in caps, yet they will be the first to admit that it's not against the rules to do so.

    I wonder why he didn't type that all in caps?

    1. BASIC NETIQUETTE "RULES" (summary)
    2. ALL CAPS means shouting
    3. Use underscores or asterisks for emphasizing words
    4. Watch your tone -- it's written, not verbal communication
    5. Check your spelling
    6. Quote back only what is relevant
    7. Use an automatic signature, especially if you are a business
    8. Where are you located if requesting goods or services?
    9. Don't send unsolicited file attachments
    10. Use a descriptive Subject line
    11. Only forward jokes and chainletters if you are SURE the recipient wants them (and hasn't already gotten a copy or three from someone else)
    12. Don't send "Check This Out" Unsolicited URLs (Note: Except for sending people the "Thought you'd be interested..." URL for the CACC. )
    13. Don't expose your email routing list to spammers
    14. If you are on AOL, do not use the "Forward" command
    15. Don't believe every cybermyth, urban legend, hoax or virus "alert" sent to you (verify it before believing or forwarding it to anyone else by visiting http://urbanlegends.about.com/cultur...ends/mbody.htm)

    For more information on Internet Etiquette, visit ZDNet: Common Sense Netiquette Rules.

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    Im 1 of them cap people,proably why i just basically read here.1 time i went to buy a vette at a dealer & was paying cash,2 make it easier for me i stapled all the money2getherin increments of a hundred,,,the cashier was anoyed with this,so i took the cash back & left
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    Basically, if you can press the Caps Lock button on your keyboard to type in all caps, you can just as easily press it again to unlock the caps lock and type in all lowercase.

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