It appears that Hib Halverson's purchase of his new Z06 is now paying off for the rest of us. I just read his article in the October 2012 issue of Corvette Magazine (my favorite Corvette mag) on the Corvette 427 engine development. I believe the information and insight came from his visit to the GM facility that builds Corvette engines for the Z06 / ZR1 in Detroit. As you know, he selected the option of building his own engine when he purchased his Z06. While I don't understand every detail that he presented (I am not an engine man and at my age, the little grey cells are almost full and won't play-back all the knowledge that they contain-if any), I did enjoy reading the article and was amazed at the steps it takes in developing an engine for the Corvette. I am very happy that Hib published this in the Corvette Magazine and hope his follow-up articles are also published there. I recommend that you read it for the information, or just for the enjoyment of learning more about the Corvette power plant and why the GM engineers are very special. The illustrations included in the article are very helpful. I am wondering if these illutirations were taken by Hib or if GM furnished them. Thanks Hib, I do appreciated your articles and hope you have many more of them forming in your brain for future publication, as well as your posts on the CAC.