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    Notice: Hi Rob: My dealer receives truck deliveries on...

    Hi Rob: My dealer receives truck deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They say if the ZR1 is produced early in the week of March 11th, we should see the finished product the next week. Works for...
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    Notice: Hey Rob: Things are moving quickly now. Code...

    Hey Rob: Things are moving quickly now. Code 3400 yesterday. Production week March 11th. How long before delivery to dealer do you think?
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    Notice: Well, after 14 months of waiting, my ZR1 order is...

    Well, after 14 months of waiting, my ZR1 order is finally moving forward. Status 3000 as of today, 1/30/2019. Now I'm excited. I have a special Texas plate waiting: C7 ZR1.
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    Notice: ZR1 Production

    Now I'm even more frustrated. Dealer just sent me a note saying General Sales manager received an email stating that projected build dates for this dealership should be coming before too much longer.
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    ZR1 Production

    Still waiting for my ZR1 order to be produced...order it in Nov '17. My dealer tells me 2 part vendors had some issues that have slowed the production schedule. I find that hard to believe. Anyone...
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    Thanks for the detailed response.

    My dealer was given 3 allocations for this year...and I'm #3. The 1st one came in about 2 months ago. # 2 and #3 (me) are stuck in status 1100. Your explanation makes sense for sure. I think the...
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    ZR1 manual transmission trouble?

    Any truth to the rumor that the 7 speed manual can not handle the torque of the ZR1 engine? I ordered a ZR1 in Nov '17 and the order has not advanced further than code 1100. Another customer is in...
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    9 months and counting!

    Ordered ZR1 in November, 2017. Still stuck in 1100. I get no answers from dealer or Chevy.com. Dealers is 67th on the allocation list. Another customer order in Jan '17, but order was not...
  9. Info coming from dealer indicates Code 3000.

    My dealer showed be a print out indicating the progression of the order. It states 3000 was reached on January 16th. Dealer is checking again.
  10. What are ZR1 customers experiencing in production wait time? For me, its 8 months and counting.

    What are other ZR1 customers experiencing in order wait time? For me, it's 8 months and counting.
  11. [QUOTE=Rob;1190814]I'm curious - who told you...

    [QUOTE=Rob;1190814]I'm curious - who told you that your order was at 3000? What dealership did you order the car from?

    I'm looking at your order in GM's system and:

    Current as of ...
  12. Waiting for ZR1 production and delivery!

    Order # V V Q N Z F.
  13. 2019 ZR1 production wait time.

    Ordered 2019 ZR1 in November, 2017...and the order was accepted by GM. Since then, not much movement up the code numbers. Currently at Code 3000 as of January 16th. Any idea when I might expect my...
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    Hissing sound from the engine.

    OLn my 2015 Z06...had the same problem. Dealer found it to be "mass air sensor". Replaced it and solved problem.
  15. Is there a problem with C7 automatic transmissionmatching up...?

    A little birdie told me! Don't mean to be flip, but would rather not reveal my source....but it's out there.
  16. Question: Is there a problem with the C7 automatic transmission matching up with the Z06 engine?

    I heard recently that there may be a delay in production of the C7 Z06 with orders for the automatic transmission. Problem being that the 650 HP supercharged Z06 engine is too powerful for the...
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    2015 C7 Z06 Pricing

    Is a pricing breakdown available for the 2015 C7 Z06...similar to the one posted for the 2015 Stingray Coupe and Convertible?
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