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    New HB install question.

    Hi Guys n Gals
    Iv just had a new OEM harmonic balancer and bolt fitted by a garage but after getting it back i noticed that there is still a very slight wobble, nowhere near the same as before, but...
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    Thanks for the reply. Plenty of fuel in tank,...

    Thanks for the reply.
    Plenty of fuel in tank, around 25 Ltr
    Fuel pressure 60 PSI at the rail under idle.
    Battery is reading good volts, Ground wire to fuse box cleaned and secure
    Chassis ground...
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    random shutdown with no codes.

    Hi guys
    2005 C6 M6, no mods.
    I have a strange problem with car randomly shutting down, it will start right up again but i dont trust to take the car out anywhere incase it shuts off at speed in an...
  4. What type of ignition firing system do i have on a base 2005 C6?

    I am trying to diagnose a random misfire problem.
    i have an oscilloscope but am unsure as to whether my car has a Secondary DIS positive fired, Secondary DIS CPC negative fired, or maybe non of the...
  5. Random misfire problem, help needed please..

    2005 C6, 65,000mls
    I'm getting a hesitation on hard acceleration, but not on smooth acceleration.
    Tech2 log looks ok for most PIDS i.e STFT and LTFT all look ok, mostly on the -4 range
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