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  1. For Sale 1980 Seat Clam Shells 2 Upper 1 Lower Driver Condition $90.00 Firm

    Selling : Three 1980 seat clam shell supports Two upper One Lower in driver condition. No slide rails. Will let all three go for $90.00 firm. With shipping costs through the roof , these will have...
  2. For Sale: Four Rebuilt Used 80' C3 Disc Brakes and Pads

    For Sale : Four Used rebuilt C3 Disc Brakes and Pads. Two Fronts Two Backs. Two need rubber seal replaced as they sat in garage on car. All have a total of 75 miles on them !
    I'll take $150.00 firm...
  3. For Sale Four Orig. 80" Rear Tail Light Lens, Good Cond.

    Gentlemen, I have four orig. 80' Corvette tail light lens in good condition for sale. $150.00 firm takes them. Please e-mail me at gryffon8356@hotmail.com and I will send images . Have not gotten up...
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