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  1. Car has been sold.

    Car has been sold.
  2. 1996 Low Mileage Torch Red LT4 For Sale - $14,500 or best offer.

    1996 Corvette Torch Red, Six Speed, 330 HP - LT4 Engine. Excellent condition inside and out with 44K Miles. Per the VIN this is one of the last 300 C4 Corvettes produced.

    Meticulously maintained,...
  3. Thanks for the responses. I will check the code...

    Thanks for the responses. I will check the code and probably wait until I drive the car.

    I am glad it might be something simple.

  4. Ran Corvette on Jack Stands Now Service Ride Control Light is On

    I just finished my winter project replacing all my brake components, installed a Dewitt radiator and silicone hoses on my 1991 ZR1. I left the car up on all 4 jack stands while I test ran the engine...
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    Notice: Mini-Me

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    Notice: My Night Vettes - Gill Lights

    I don't see too many night-time Corvette pictures on this thread.

    Here's a start.

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    Notice: I live in Morris, IL about an hour away. I have...

    I live in Morris, IL about an hour away. I have not registered the ZR1 yet, but I think previous owner had the car registered.

    FYI - the July Morris Cruise Night is Saturday (7/11), and also the...
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    Notice: Turquoise ZR1 - Delivered Today

    You can take that one off my Bucket List.21731
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    Torch Red 1996?

    I would like one for a 1996 in Torch Red. Please send me details.
  10. Question: Goodyear F1 D3 Tire Update

    According to Tire Rack Goodyear not producing Eagle F1's until October now.
  11. Question: Thanks. I bought some Sumimotos to get me through...

    Thanks. I bought some Sumimotos to get me through the summer. I will just wait and see what happens with the D3's. I wish Michelin would make the 315's in one of their quality tires. The 315 size...
  12. Question: Are there any new 275 40 17 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 Tires on the Planet?

    I have my Eagle F1 GS-D3 Tires ordered from Tire Rack since before Christmas. My 96 Corvette has 275 40 17's in the front, and 315 35 17s in the rear. Tire Rack is holding the two rear tires but is...
  13. Question: LED Bulbs for Cruise Nights or Car Shows

    I changed to LED Bulbs for the underhood lights.

    I have had the hood open for 8+ hours without any battery drain issues.

  14. Minimize Flat Spots

    Park you car on pieces of padded carpet.

    It seems to eliminate the flat spots and I swear my tires hold air pressure better while in storage.

  15. Thread: Motor Oil

    by mcich7781

    Who remembers ARCO Graphite Motor Oil? Nasty...

    Who remembers ARCO Graphite Motor Oil?

    Nasty Stuff!
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    Higher Temp - Sticky T-Stat

    I have had the same problem with other cars. Sometimes when you drain the cooling system the T-Stat will dry out and bind on its shaft due to mineral deposits. I have seen them stick completely...
  17. Question: Replacement LT4 Water Pump


    I am going with the Auto Zone New Pump. (Best warranty and reasonable price)

    I plan on adding the drip tubing to the weep hole modification I have seen on other LT1 Forums.

  18. Question: 1996 LT4 Water Pump - Who should I buy a replacement pump from? Should I Replace Good Opti?

    My 1996 LT4 (40K Miles) water pump has started the fatal weep.

    Where have LT1 / LT4 owners purchased their replacement Water Pumps from, and what luck have you had?
    There are so many suppliers...
  19. Thread: LT4 Badge

    by mcich7781

    Lt4 Decal

    The Sticker Shop should still be able to make the LT4 Decal in my photo. I have 4 more and can send you one if they can't. They were inexpensive and look great.

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    Easy Shifting Six Speed

    As a first time owner of a 96 LT4 Coupe I was surprised how easy the six speed is to drive. To me it's intuitive helps the driver truly enjoy the mechanicals of the car. Don't fear the manual unless...
  21. Pair of Tires for Sale - 255 45 17 Goodyear Eagle HP Ultra Plus

    Front tires off of my 1996 LT4 that are taking up space in my garage. Excellent condition and tread. $30 each. I am one hour southwest of Chicago. If interested email me at mcich7781@aol.com.
  22. Sold my Mustang GT Convertible and bought a Corvette. Don't be afraid.

    In 2009 I finally made the decision to buy a Corvette. I knew I wanted a 1996 LT4. The 1996 Grand Sport Coupe would have been my first choice, but with two kids in college that kind of money doesn't...
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    Notice: Red LT4 on White Stuff

    I would never drive it in snow, but there is something about a red Corvette in Winter.
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    Update: The 285 40 17's on 11" "A" Molds fit just...

    Update: The 285 40 17's on 11" "A" Molds fit just fine in the front of my 96, and as expected the 315's on rear fit, and don't really stick out at all.

    Steering effort with the wider fronts is a...
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    96 LT4 Coupe Tire Question

    Hello CAC,

    I have a 96 LT4 Coupe with 11" Chrome "A" Molds on all four corners. Tires are 255-45-17 front, 285-40-17 rear.

    I have two questions my first question, should the 255's on the...
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