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  1. How to identify key-on power wire on '80?

    Looking to install an AEM air/fuel gauge, how do I identify a key-on hot wire on my '80? Or any suggestions as to what a typical specific connection point for one is?

  2. Experiences with hp enhancement with a Weiand 142?

    A guy at a local speed shop insisted that a Weiand 142 is going to add around 200 hp at 6 lbs of boost on a 350 crate motor that's supposed to be rated at 355 hp. I haven't put the car on a dyno...
  3. Is washing rear wheel assemblies likely to contaminate bearings?

    If I shoot cleaner like Purple Stuff, Simple Green etc. all over the rear wheel assemblies, then give a solid rinsing with a water stream from various angles, is bearing contamination a concern?
  4. Got this answer elsewhere.

    Got this answer elsewhere.
  5. What are these on the underside of the rear bumper bar?

    Not my '80 but mine has them too, there are two of them on the underside of the rear bumper bar. They must be there for a reason.


    Edit - got this answer elsewhere.

  6. What next to get half shafts out of this '80?

    I have the straps off the joints, what do you suggest as the next step in getting them out? What else needs to be disconnected? I've heard some say the strut rods don't need to come out but I don't...
  7. Painting with acrylic enamel - does the color of the foundation matter?

    Candy colors are affected by the base color - however does the base color matter with an acrylic enamel as well?

    For example if you have a darker non-candy metallic blue acrylic enamel, would...
  8. I don't know if you're being tongue-in-cheek but...

    I don't know if you're being tongue-in-cheek but of course 79s didn't come with a 454.
  9. Do you think this was an amazing deal or just average?

    Found this on Ebay in the Sold items. Has 10,500 crossed out and "Best Offer Accepted", so assuming they got it for under 10k.

    Highlights are that it's a '79 with a 454. Car's been through a...
  10. Any year '68 -'71 clearly superior to the others mechanically?

    Ignoring potential resale/collector value is there anything outstanding from an engineering, comfort, driveability standpoint that makes any year in this range superior to the others? I left out '72...
  11. Are C3 steel bumpers at all effective or strictly decoration?

    As thin as they are do they provide any real "bump" protection against anything beyond a shopping cart or bicycle or are they as they appear to be just trim?

    Back in the yesteryear my brother in...
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    Experiences with haggling as a buyer?

    I've bought used cars before, exclusively from private sellers but never a car like a Vette. Have you generally been able to get a Vette for less than the asking price? Ever gotten someone to come...
  13. Why is '53 - '62 considered the same generation?

    A '53 and a '62 seem very different - why are those years classified in the same generation?
  14. Good source for a deal on a C3? Sources to avoid?

    I'm anticipating getting a C3 and I've been looking at various websites, trying to get a feel for prices, trying to become educated on what to look for - such as frame and birdcage rust.

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    I just amended the OP after your response. Was it...

    I just amended the OP after your response. Was it present on later generations?
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    Is the birdcage only present on C3's?

    The title pretty much says it - is this a structural issue on Vettes besides the C3?

    Clarification after csherman's reply below - was it present on generations after the C3?
  17. What are the strengths/weaknesses of particular years between 74 - 82? What about big-block swaps?

    Thinking about getting a C3. 74 - 82 seem more affordable in general. Is there anything particularly outstanding or problematic with a particular year C3 that you think is noteworthy, things I should...
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