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    Help! Leaking rear main seal on C5 Z06

    I just have found out I have a rear main seal leak on my car with 18K on it. The dealership told me that the whole power train must be removed to fix this. Does anyone know of a "Good" dealership or...
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    dealer repairs

    I did take the car in and they replaced both valve cover gaskets, they treated the car like crap and didn't wipe any of the excess oil off the head but whatever, they will never touch my car again....
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    04 Z06 recomended service/ recalls??

    I just noticed on my car the valve cover has alittle oil sepage is this common with 18K and does anyone else know of anything else that I should check, its going to the dealer next nice day
  4. Notice: Z16 original paperwork

    I just bought a Z16 and am trying to find out what original paperwork came with the car when it was bought with from the dealer. I didn't even get an owners manual with it. Anyone buy their Z16 new?
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