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  1. Question: Update - Youtube Post

    A update on th progress of my build...
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    Mmmm...not sure if it is the Fuel Pump Relay

    Hi Wayne,

    I am in Australia I have an 84 Coupe. I am looking at the wiring diagram for the fuel pump as it is the only one I can think of that has some of that wire combination.

    Now the issue...
  3. Question: Update on the install...

    Hi Guys,

    I have updated the videos on YouTube with the progress on my build.

    Video 5 is the latest.

    Anthony Walker
    - YouTube

  4. Question: DeWitts Fan Kit

    Now you can upgrade the factory 1700 cfm with our SP464 fan kit. The kit includes a SPAL high performance (2360 cfm) fan and Direct Fit adapter plate, ready to bolt on and the best part is, no...
  5. Question: Update: Blower Housing Install

    Hi Everyone,

    I re-installed the blower housing after its new coat of paint...5 coats of colour and 10 coats of clear...Getting better at spraying 2 pack paint.

    I played around with the engine...
  6. Question: Finished disassembly on Blue's Engine

    Finished disassembly on Blue's Engine.

    Going in soon for chemical clean and sonic testing to see if its up to accepting a SCAT stroker assembly.

    Check out this video I posted, this is the...
  7. The Vette may be coming to Australia

    Well according to Wheels Mag here in Aussie, the Vette is a done deal.
  8. Zora has been trade marked in Australia

    This is a great story.

    I did read that although GM was having trouble registering the Corvette badge in Australia, they had been successful in registering the trademark 'Zora'.

    With local...
  9. Question: Couple of YouTube Videos

    Hi Everyone,

    A couple of Youtube Videos for your to check out the progress on Blue.

    Video 1 - Underside of car:
    Aussie 84 Corvette - Video 1 - YouTube

    Video 2 - Topside of car:
  10. I hope that they can work through the Trademark Issues and finally bring the Vette here.

    GM has already registered the trade mark "Zora" in Australia, but is having problems getting the Corvette's badge trade marked, as the boneheads here believe that the Chev emblem looks too much like...
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    1984 Two Tone Blue Colours

    Hi Everyone,

    I used a Dupont Paint Code (B8323) to mix up some medium blue metallic paint for my 84 Coupe here in Australia. While the new paint looks good on the chassis rails, against the...
  12. Question: Yes, but the firewall is changed during the RH drive Conversion

    The engineering company that does a lot of RH Drive conversions here in Australia, removed the original firewall on the C4's during conversion...C5 and C6's all have the body conpletely removed...I...
  13. Question: Thanks Roy

    I didn't get a chance to take a happy snap on the weekend, I was busy with the cabin wiring for my FAST EFI install...
    When they changed to RH drive and compliance for Australian Design Rules, they...
  14. Question: Ok...here is is...

    So the relay is a normally open (NO) double throw relay.

    Terminals are:

    86 Trigger wire is the factory purple ignition wire
    85 Is and earth/ ground wire
    30 Looks like a power feed - my guess...
  15. Wouldn't it be nice to cruise arounf Australia in one!

    Wouldn't it be nice to cruise around Australia in one!

    Common GM, stop procrastinating, stop sending us crappy cars...we want the Camaro and Corvette RH Drive and by yesterday would be good.
  16. TPI Intake - Maybe 9th Injector

    By the looks of that injector pigtail, i would say the 9th injector.

    There is a temperature sensor in the intake as well, but with the injector pigtail not connected, it is probably that.
    The 9th...
  17. Question: Thanks, I will check that out

    I will check the other terminals on the relay out...sounds like this may have been the case.

    I also found that there was a switch in the centre console that turned off the two injector pulses for...
  18. Question: Why would there be a relay in the Starter Circuit?

    I have a question as I am working my way through a wiring tidy up and have come across an aftermarket relay that Circuit 6 (FSM 8A-31 - Pin 1F in C100) connects too.

    It looks like the previous...
  19. Question: Fusible Link Wire and other pigtails and connectors

    Hi Guys,

    Just a heads up, I ended up getting the fusible link wire from White Products (Weather Pack | Metri-Pack | Fusible Link Wire | White Products Cleveland Ohio | Terminals Seals Connectors |...
  20. Question: ...some happy snaps

    More pics since the last post.

    Some of the chassis rail bracket I made for the fuel filter and FAST Fuel Pressure Sensor Block.

    Also the ignition wire repair I had to fix.

    The velcro install...
  21. Question: ...and the tidy up and planning on the wiring harness continues...

    Hi Everyone,

    Well the work on the wiring continues, with the new fuse panel installed (with additional wire from a donor harness), I have now moved to removing the insulation tape that the...
  22. Question: Update: Reply from FAST

    Hi Guys,

    Got a reply from the tech at FAST...

    Confirmed that the green tach wire coming from the FAST E6 Ignition Box is the driver wire for the dash tach. I am going to run it through a Dakota...
  23. Ive heard the same thing...

    ;LOLI have heard the same thing....

    An old Kiwi mate I used to work with on the Gold Coast had two Stangs and one on the rotisorie...total 3 all up.

    Wish my shed was full of Chevies!
  24. Devastating News across the Ditch

    Not good news for our Kiwi friends accross the ditch, but being married to a Kiwi girl and having visited New Zealand quite a few times, these guys will rebuild...

    The 72 Vette is in good hands,...
  25. Question: And more pics

    And more happy snaps
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