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  1. Los Angeles Do It Yourself Shop Thanksgiving special discount 40% OFF

    Hey Guys,
    If you need a space to work on your own car, you can rent a lift and all the tools are included with the price of the lift. It is a DIY Garage called Your Dream Garage.
    You can take an...
  2. October 40% discount at Do It Yourself Auto Work Shop in Los Angeles

    There is a special discount at Your Dream Garage DIY Garage

    $100 for 6 hours lift and tool rental, $150 for 10 hours lift and tools included on Monday thru Thursday before 6PM from 10/20/2014 to...
  3. ONLY $150/day with Lift and Tool! SOCAL LA DIY Garage happy hour deal in september

    Wanted to share a special rate from Your Dream Garage Do It Yourself Shop.

    It is a DIY Garage 20 miles east of Los Angeles.

    All Monday to Wednesday in September will have happy hour from...
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    Does this kind of place exist?

    Hi everyone, Is there any place that will rent tools and work space or maybe a lift for you to work on your own cars in Socal near Los Angeles or San Gabriel? I'm looking for a place like that to...
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    Hello from Socal

    Hi everyone I'm Phillip. Just picked up my first ever Vette... A 2012 Z06, all I can say is WOW... I had no idea how badass these cars are... Looking forward to being a part of the group...
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