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    96 lt4 clutch pedal just went out

    Hi all. Driving my 96 C E the other night, heard loud pop and pedal went dead. Had new clutch installed 8 months ago, but did NOT have them replace clutch master cylndr/slave cylinder so I'm thinking...
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    96 LT4 clutch just went out

    Hi all, Last night heard a loud pop and lost pedal. New clutch installed 7 months ago. However I did not have cltch mstr cylinder/slave cylinder changed out. I'll be doing repairs to save money. If...
  3. thanks gran sport

    thanks gran sport. will do!
  4. thanks man!

    hey jmhorn52 thanks for the greetings. didn't play with vette and did eat too much. car will hopefully be done next week so until then gotta drive the boring and reliable ford explorer and be average...
  5. Thanks jmhorn52

    Thanks for the well wishes man! Happy thanksgiving to you and yours. Mac.
  6. Iraqvetmac buys his first vette!

    Hey all, sorry been away for a coupe of weeks but got some new intel I'm sure will interest you guys and gals. Now don't be mad at me but I bought the '96 lt-4 conv. Before having old ray at ray's...
  7. thanks again lt4ce!

    hey thanks man for your input. you really are right and I keep reminding myself that this isn't the only lt-4 in the world so I'm trying to stay objective. we'll see what old ray has to say next week...
  8. thanks lt4ce!

    thanks for the thoughts lt4ce! can't tell you folks how much it helps to have you all helping me and pulling for me! I've arranged for a corvette specialist (ray's corvettes, n.hollywood, ca) to go...
  9. thanks catbert!

    thanks catbert for your thoughts. you may be right and I do hope you are because if the a/c system is the only issue with the car then I believe I would be getting a pristine lt-4 ce convertible for...
  10. thanks hib!

    hey hib thanks man for the great input. interesting how this vette search of mine is turning into a real quest! the guy with the '96 lt-4 who wants to sell to me for 6k just told me today that the...
  11. thanks Jane Ann!

    thanks Jane Ann you're very kind! I feel pretty safe with all these experienced corvette folks around me. you all rock! Mac.
  12. per sale inspection of '96 coupe

    thanks for your input. of course you are right and I will have it looked at. just got excited I guess.
  13. noobi thinking of buying a 96 coupe from a dealer.

    hey guys, just drove the '96 lt-1 auto coupe this morning and must say the thing moves! tires are excellent, it has a new radiator put in this last week, it shifts great, doesan't burn or leak oil...
  14. thinking of buying a '96 coupe from a dealer

    hey guys many thanks again for your time in sitting down to write responses to my questions. I told the dealer that I will have the corvette inspected by a corvette repair shop here in Los Angeles...
  15. thanks for the replys guys

    thanks much gents! great to get to know you guys. a new wrinkle to this saga. I've come across another '96, a coupe, lt-1, not the collectors edition. it has the auto trans, seems clean inside and...
  16. thinking of buying '96 lt-4. couple of questions from new member.

    hi guys, I'm a new member. got to say I enjoy the site and the posts. I'm very close to buying my first 'vette, a '96 lt-4 ce convertible with 131,000 mi. the owner wants 6k. the car appears to be in...
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