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  1. Video: Relentless Vette

    This needs to get around ( viral, I think they call it in webland ), particularly to the Viper crowd, who's time this thing smoked by ~9 sec. It's more than highway roll-on races, Dodge.

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    Review: ...and for more asskickery:

    Go to the VetteTube.com site and watch Jim Mero rip off a 2:41 at VIR - 2 sec faster than an $850,000 Porsche 918!!! :upthumbs
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    Hogley Furguson

    Hey 6er, You have a good idea there, that V-Rod goes! I think Harley needs to follow up on that scoot with updates and such. Well, it's water-cooled but there's plenty of Air Hogs too. I picked up a...
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    great, maybe we can use it to run a generator...

    great, maybe we can use it to run a generator instead.

    I'm not going to get into any "pony-car wars" or anything, but this power level is pretty over the top for standard sales, just for bragging...
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    Until we see a Nordschleife time, I'm not impressed with this thing that weighs like 4,300 lbs. What kind of brakes and suspension - therefore control - is thing going to have?
  6. ...until you get closer to actual racing, where...

    ...until you get closer to actual racing, where we get yet another Vette Victory at Laguna Seca! Don't know what happened to Gavin yet, but I saw that the 2nd Vette smoked the first Viper, so.......
  7. Thread: Supply & Demand

    by ltmax

    Sport Car Prices

    If it's bad for the Vette (which it ain't), it's terminal for the viper, which is down to a production rate of 6 cars per day. Once the Z-06 comes out, with performance the same as the Viper at 30%...
  8. Unacceptable Problem

    Barbosa: "Out Vette DP ran well but we had nothing for the Ford DP in straightline speed". FLATLY UNACCEPTABLE! What needs to be done to rectify this problem - rules, engine, team, rules?...

  9. Important! No Memory?

    Let's get past the Ford crap: They bought up the British brands and Volvo for top dollar trying to be all that under King Nasser. The brands didn't sell for sht while they had them (and got their...
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    Best Wishes to CR

    Not sure what brings this whole write-up on. I won't try to chase these events down too much, just catch the results and hope for the Vette best. This series is, uh, :(.

    These ads in the threads...
  11. News: No prisoners...

    Hib and I agree: stick the knife in, get blood. To hell with this 'nice guy' in the marketplace. Everyone knows the Caddy simply outclasses lincoln by lightyears. Why stop there? Put them out and...
  12. News: Dying Snakes and Smoking Porsches

    Porsche is scrambling to replace burning GT3 engines, something with the con-rods, I think. We'll see what kind of press coverage this gets but I wouldn't get to 'uppity' over it with this GM...
  13. Press Release: New Carz

    I see the ford DP didn't have "teething problems". How did the Vette DP's allow that to happen?! Are we up against rules problems here or is there a distinct absence of aggression on the Chevy side?...
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    GM Press Release: Forces

    I'll bet that if 500 lbs was taken out of that car, the relative slipping would be greatly reduced, but then it would give the Vette direct competition, and we can't have that...
  15. Too tough To Die...

    ...and all that. But really, starts up and drives off? That's excellent, what a great superbowl ad that would make! They'd have to do something about the giant oil puddle it left from the cracked oil...
  16. Video: Dragged by it's balls?

    I'm no construction expert, demolition dude or car-crash afficianado, but WHY was this Vette hauled out of there by it's nuts? :mad Hanging sideways like sea-sludge? Couldn't be lifted straight,...
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    Still great after all these years

    "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux". Gotta be one of the alltime 'greats' :rotfl
  18. Review: Ongoing

    Well, I love that we have a supreme ass-kicking Vette like this but surprised with some details. A torque-conveter auto trans? How heavy is that? Sorry, but the complicated cylinder cut-out simply...
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    Yeah I read that real quick, dude. I was just...

    Yeah I read that real quick, dude. I was just generalizing. Just a trip to see something like that related to more batteries and all that. Ya heard about the latest Tesla fire recently? Just ain't my...
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    More batteries, please...

    That's why I want a hyper-complicated car with 300 Lbs of batteries, 'cause I just can't drive around with enough unnecessary systems. Then when they expire, I'll just... throw 'em out - into a...
  21. GM Press Release: Thanks, GM!

    Was the "Blue Devil" tryin' to go back where it came from? :rotfl just kidding

    I hope the '62 didn't get too roughed up but that one buried upto it's rear facia, ho boy, that'll be a lengthy...
  22. News: New C7.R

    Positively love the all-Chevy podium lockout! :thumb

    The expected teething problems with the new .R, they'll get it nailed down. I have more faith in the Vette and team than in the series...
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    News: '15 z

    Disappointed... not at the power figures and certainly not at the aerodynamic upgrades, but:

    > having to resort to a blower? They couldn't get decent power out of a nicely upgraded LT engine such...
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    New Slayer

    Bodywork is really overdone, but functional for the most part, so that's good.
    This Z had better get a dual-clutch trans, preferably re-geared with a ~3.80 rear! That is the ONLY thing that kept...
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    News: You're right! It's not about model changes or the...

    You're right! It's not about model changes or the latest bling now. This economy is on "lifesupport" in the form of funny-money from the fed, which gets sloshed around according to their desires, not...
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