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  1. Sadly, a sign of the times.

    This is a ever increasing series of incidents of vandalism. I'm always a bit scared where I leave my 50th coupe. I make sure I try to find a spot under a street light, but in hindsight that too, may...
  2. Help! Looking to sell my old used Cat back exhaust !

    I still have my old stock cat-Back exhaust. They only have 7K miles on them and have been sitting up in the garage mezzanine for years, excellent condition. But I can't ship, gotta come get them....
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    Turn signal bulb ?

    My 79 took a 1157A bulb. :w A stands for amber!
  4. Question: What's the best break-in period on a fresh remanfactured longblock ?

    Title says it all. It's a stock L33 long block. Planned on using Mobil 5W/30 motor oil and a AC Delco filter ?I haven' t done thing in a long time so I'm walking blindfolded. Thank you !
  5. Help! Constant battery drain !

    I'd put everything back together. Was the car ever wreaked ? That would cause some of the wiring harness to be grounding out. But never the less, disconnect the battery ( Is it a red or yellow top ?)...
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    Question: Engine designation in the C7 ?

    This is just a question I've been looking for awhile. All Of the C5 like mine had had LS whatever, but the C7 has a 'LTX' An d good luck all of you C7 owners. :w
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    Question: Well the problem is one side flashes super fast...

    Well the problem is one side flashes super fast while the driver side flashed normal. Any suggestion ? I looked the bulbs over, there no one special way the go into the wedge. What's the secret ? ...
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    Question: Need some light bulb advice.

    I've got a burnt out bulb in the rear 3157 and after looking at them, is there a right way and a wrong way to install them ? there's just four wires & tow filaments how do I know I have the in the...
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    News: Sorry

    I'm sorry, missed a key. It was 18.500.00
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    News: Kinda shocked at C5 prices !

    19617 I had my 2003 C5 50th. In to the Chevy dealership for it's annul oil & filter change and since it's been 5 years, I had the old DexCool flushed, drained and refilled. I had saw on Yahoo home...
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    Poll: Show , go or both stop'n go !

    I'm ashamed, I've been so ill since May I've barely have had time to back the Corvette out onto the street and go for a drive. :ugh
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    Question: Oil Pressures ?

    Thank you Hib,
    I was hoping you'd look in on me, I think that is excellent advice and I'll do it towards the end of the summer when I pull the heads for a rebuild. You...
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    Question: Oil pressure in an old 1988 Motor?

    I'm having some work done on my old Vette, and I always wondered about the reading, so we hooked up and manual gauge and the temps were:

    Cold start on 10W/30 is 39 PSI in gear : 37 and with the...
  14. Question: How do i figure out what a 2003 shale console is worth ?

    Title says it all. I replaced all of my old console and replaced it with a new custom fabricated and finished one. But I was determined to keep all of the old shale console in excellent shape, no...
  15. All things considered, Has gasoline gotten better or worse ?

    I was wondering since the one thing we have NO control over, has gasoline gotten better or worse since the FY 1997 ? I know that in many places E-85 is popping like dandelions, and 93 octane is...
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    Help! Problem with Differential oil change?

    Hib, is there any sense in using a 'Synthetic' gear oil in a old 86 corvette/ or any GM product ? Getting ready to do this job, I have read that most of the 'Synthetic gear oils already have...
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    New garage ?

    I'd add hot water and heating, and insulate the walls and a couple of water faucets with two 100' hoses.
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    News: Finally, the first one sees daylight !

    Well a minute or two ago, 'Good Morning America' showed footage of the top car, a 2009 LS9 as it was sitting just outside of the sinkhole. And one of the anchors said to Robin Roberts, "Here's the...
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    News: The disaster and the corvette museum !

    It's kind of odd, in a personal nature that is, right after the news of the disaster, My sister who lives in Texas and my ex who lives in the Poconos, she even called me to ask what I knew or felt. ...
  20. Review: Sometimes I have to wonder these things . . .

    So I'm watch "All Girls Garage", Yeah I know, But I like to see young fresh pretty faces, but whenever I see them do this wacky commercial about the must have/end all "Zmax Protection" These women...
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    News: Something special. . .

    I don't own a C7, but I wish you who o, all smooth and exciting performance. But I just wanted to give some of you younger guys a little insight to this creation of General Motors. I have a 1SC 2003...
  22. Question: Small block nation !

    Thank you Mac, Don't know why I couldn't find it on my own. But thank you !
  23. Question: Spanning the globe, What are a 1990 small block ?

    I've looked but I can't find the years where the original 265 V8 stepping into the spotlight in 1955, where are the mile marker on the ladder of General Motors escalade of V8 infusion. IE: where does...
  24. GM Press Release: Alrigh, . . Alright, . . . Alright !

    Now this coming just 48 hours or so after the implosion of the sinkhole and collapse of the floor at the NCM is just fantastic. And now that Chevrolet has stepped up to ensure that the cars sunk are...
  25. News: Boy, You never know how sharp a dogs teeth are till you get bit. . .

    I was sick when I thought about those beauties sitting down in that hole. Sure hope they can be pulled back up with out too much damage. And if so, maybe some of the independent Corvette restoration...
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