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  1. Jsb gs

    IS this car still for sale?
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    Muncie to T56 Swap in C3

    Has anybody attempted to swap their Muncie for the T56 6 speed in a 68 C3, I have spotted a clean T56 complete with the bellhousing, tranny and Hydraulic clutch from a 95 Camaro, if you have any info...
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    Nissau Blue Corvette

    There is a 2000 NissauBlue Corvette Convertible, in Jefferson City, Mo. it is a 6 speed, grey leather, black top, w/42 or 43,000 miles, & Lady driven(she knows Corvettes). I have looked at this car...
  4. 2002 Corvette

    Hi Colin, I sent you a PM but not sure it went through, we are interested in the vette and would like to talk to you about it, 5736807155
  5. Electron Blue

    Sorry I forgot to give you my E-Mail: baxnt@embarqmail.com Thanks again, also do you have any other pic's
  6. Electron Blue

    Is this Vette still for sale and can I call you about it? Thanks
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