Yesterday, my son took me out to supper as he wanted to honour me individually... and today, we went to an extended family event with the rest of the family for a more public event. My daughter called from Kamloops... My father is 80 and still hale & hearty...

Although it is not politically correct to say as much, the traditional family... father, mother and children... is the foundation of western society. That should not change and yet... we've allowed it to happen. For weeks before Mother's Day, the media is full of reminders and exhortations to buy gifts.... When it comes to Father's Day, the media doesn't have much to say... and that's not particularly surprising.

For the past few decades, Hollyweird and the so-called "entertainment" industry waged war against fathers. It's hard to find a tv show or movie... even a damn commercial... where fathers are presented in a positive light. For the most part, fathers are presented as being buffoons who are generally inept, incapable of managing their own affairs, let alone take care of children. This bias goes beyond the screens and shows up in the courtroom where family laws are weighted heavily against fathers to the point that fathers need to justify having a role in the lives of their kids.

So let's honour the fathers in our lives!!