Come to Carlisle to Meet the Minds Behind the Machines

Corvette/GM Engineers and Developers Onsite for Corvettes at Carlisle in 2012

CARLISLE, PA – Thousands of Corvettes converge on Carlisle, Pennsylvania each year to be part of Corvettes at Carlisle, the nation's largest all-Corvette event. In addition, nearly 60,000 enthusiasts come to America's Automotive Hometown to revel in the majesty that is the Corvette. Attendees witness automotive history on display and experience a unique gathering of minds that collectively produce America's Sports Car. This year's event, August 24-26 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, once again plays host to the minds behind the machines and does so unlike any other event in the world.

In 2012, Corvettes at Carlisle welcomes at least 40 current or past engineers, company representatives, etc., of General Motors and its iconic Corvette brand. The list ranges from those who've worked within the communications department to head engineers of some of the biggest projects in company history. Such a gathering is nearly unheard of outside of the GM home base in Michigan; however, with their support of Corvettes at Carlisle, the event welcomes this very important cast of characters annually.

While at Carlisle, representatives will host free test drives at the nearby Carlisle Expo Center, conduct walk around sessions where the latest products and cars are showcased, sit for autograph and photo sessions, interact with show goers and more - all for free.

"Having the GM Team and more specifically a large number of the Corvette Team on hand during Corvettes at Carlisle really helps set our event apart from the others," said event manager and Carlisle Events co-owner Lance Miller. "We're honored to have them on hand to interact with our participants and answer questions as well as communicate what the latest and greatest technology is and what's to come. Not to mention anyone truly has the opportunity to get to know the people behind America's supercar." Miller continued, "These sessions are great too because I've personally watched our participants raise valid concerns about their cars and the Corvette Team reacted the following year by making an adjustment similar to the discussions. It's great to know that despite the size of the company, the Corvette Team on hand during Corvettes at Carlisle has the same passion any Corvette lover does! I'm honored to know them firsthand."

"Coming to Carlisle gives us an opportunity to show Corvette fans what we have new for 2013 and show our technology,” said Corvette Product Marketing Manager Harlan Charles. "We get invaluable feedback from talking to customers and that helps us make better Corvettes for the future. Best of all, this is an opportunity for new Corvette team members to be immersed in the fun and passion of the Corvette culture and the pride of being a Corvette driver and owner."

Anyone wishing to meet these amazing staffers can do so throughout the weekend. Once on grounds, enthusiasts are encouraged to pick up a complimentary event magazine where a full schedule of activities is listed. In addition, a fairgrounds map will lead them directly to locations onsite where these automotive geniuses are located.

In addition to engineers and product reps onsite at Carlisle, there is a giveaway Corvette courtesy of Home | Used Corvettes For Sale - / AllVette, LLC West Chester Pennsylvania 19382, downtown Corvette parade, special displays, industry guests, a huge swap meet , car corral and more. Corvettes at Carlisle historically highlight all eras of production and aims to do so again in 2012. The event is one of the largest and most fun-filled events of its kind in the world and whether you spend a few hours or the entire weekend in Carlisle, you will enjoy special Corvette displays and gatherings featuring concept, performance and historically significant vehicles that are second to none.
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