• Corvette Crashes, Then Wrecked Again By Tow Truck Driver
  • Corvette Crashes, Then Wrecked Again By Tow Truck Driver
  • Corvette Crashes, Then Wrecked Again By Tow Truck Driver
  • Corvette Crashes, Then Wrecked Again By Tow Truck Driver

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    Flag Corvette Crashes, Then Wrecked Again By Tow Truck Driver

    It's bad enough that this relatively well-kept C5 Chevrolet Corvette was wrecked when its owner crashed into the median strip of a busy highway, but then it was set upon by what must be the world's worst tow truck driver.

    Watch here: http://vettetube.com/view_video.php?...9d1d241981cec3

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    Date: 2011-04-11


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    That's just nasty!!

    Common sense is like deodorant. The folks who need it most never seem to use it and there's no polite way to tell them.

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    Default Wow!

    Proving once again that the two most abundant things in the universe are hydrogen and human stupidity. I mean, the tow driver was clearly dragging metal because of the sparks... How that Vette didn't come off the tow when it went around the first bend truly amazes me...

    I'm certain you're supposed to flat-bed a Corvette; my Owner's Manual specifically states: "Your vehicle was not designed to be towed with any of its wheels on the ground."

    I hope the guy who filmed all of this provided the video to the owner, who's no doubt now wondering how his transmission housing, rear suspension, exhaust system, rear bumper, etc. got all jacked up (pardon the pun) by side-swiping a Jersey wall...

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    That is just SAD! That wrecker driver must have been high on something or dumb.

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    Default Just doing his job....

    Those guys are just paid to clear the highway as quickly as possible.
    Any damage to the disabled car is not their responsibility.
    If you want it on a rollback you better hope your tow operater gets there before one of the state's guys do.

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