The National Corvette Museum has received an additional 85,000 original build sheets from the Corvette plant. The build sheets are 2002-2010 (up to the last six digits 110597, and for the ZR1s 801572).

According to NCM:

If you have called us before trying to get your build sheet - try again! We might have it now.

The original build sheets are what went down the line with the car when it was being assembled. Some still have the masking tape on it, markings by line workers, even grease, dirt or a footprint when it was ripped from the car and thrown in the floor after the car was assembled.

Please feel free to call the Library and Archives to see if we now have the sheet for your car and place your order. 800-538-3883 ext. 141, or direct at 270-467-8841 or email