You want "news"? 'bout this s$$t?!

Lingenfelter says it just put a mildy mod'ed ZR1 in the 9s.

According to LPE car has the following mods:
- Lingenfelter cast aluminum supercharger air intake snout
- Lingenfelter 8.5" diameter harmonic balancer - 11 rib
- Lingenfelter 2.60" diameter supercharger pulley - 11 rib
- Lingenfelter S&B air filter
- 4' diameter air intake tube with mass air sensor
- Ported stock throttle body
- Lingenfelter C6 ZR1 Supercharger Cast Aluminum air inlet
- Double capacity intercooler heat exchanger
- Larger capacity intercooler reservoir system
- Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials R345/35R18 rear tires
- M&H Racemaster P185/50R18 front tires
- CCW aluminum wheels

The above doesn't say anything about calibration but I'm gonna guess Graham B. and the guys at LPE did some stuff to the cal, too. Nor does the above say what kind of gasoline was being used but I think it's safe to say the car was on race gas.

The car had stock exhaust manifolds and stock exhaust with a mild/wild switch.

Reportedly this car makes almost 740 at the wheels and was in the 9s with three passes. On the best one, the car went 9.81 at 145.74.

Holy crap!

The venue was Maryland International Raceway near Budds Creek MD.