Recently we received a rumor stating:

I understand the Bowling Green plant cancelled all Z06 motor orders for the remainder of the year and laid off most workers at the Wixom facility effective Monday. The engine builders are laid off until atleast April 20 and possibly April 27.

Rather than let rumors run rampang, we decided to made some calls into GM in order to try and verify this information.

Below is the response we received:

Hi Rob -
Tom Read asked me to respond to your questions about the LS7 engines and downtime at Wixom Performance Build Center.

There is no truth to what you've heard that LS7 (for Z06) orders have been cancelled or that employees at Wixom are laid off for the balance of the year. There are several things going on at Wixom engine plant and with the production at our Bowling Green facility that might have confused matters.

It is true, however, that Wixom and Bowling Green have been impacted by the dramatically lower industry demand this year. And as a result, have had several production down weeks to keep inventories in line with the lower demand. The downtime at Wixom PBC has impacted the production of LS7 and LC3 (V8 Supercharged engine for XLR-V and STS-V) engines primarily. Production of LS9 engines has usually continued though even as the other production has been halted temporarily.

One point that may have been misinterpreted is that LC3 engine production is nearly done now for the year as we have announced that the XLR will be discontinued in April. Thinking that may be what you heard, vs LS7 impact.

We are still scheduled to produce a couple thousand more LS7 engines over the rest of the CY.

Hope that clears things up. Let me know if you have additional questions.


Sharon K. Basel
Communications Manager
Powertrain Manufacturing